Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Life, Authentically

Some might call it a simple way to live, and some might consider living a truly authentic life one of the most difficult tasks a person has ever attempted.

It all depends on outlook.

Nearly every day, I wake up wondering, "Is this where I am supposed to be?" and "What could I (should I) be doing differently?"

Some might say that I "contemplate my navel(whatever that means)" way too often. But in all truth, it creates an honesty within myself.

Sometimes I don't have the answers for the how. All I know is, if I have to ask a question too often, obviously the answer is one I have chosen to ignore.

Ignoring what is in front of you is not living an authentic life.

Living authentically takes acceptance, of yourself, or your reality, of your hopes, aspirations,your talents, your abilities, your RIGHT NOW.

Right now?
I'm overweight and it scares me. I don't have a workout plan and I don't get up early enough to add a workout into my daily schedule?

Right now?
I waste a lot of time when I am done with work. I could be spending more time with my daughter, teaching her how to cook, going for walks, making plans. I could be baking, organizing my storage room, applying to my 'dream jobs' and researching more school options.

Right now?
I am happy with my marriage, my child, and the successes I have achieved to this point. But there are more things I could achieve and avoidance will not get them done.

Right now I have a safety net in my husband's career.
Right now I only have 4.5 years left before my daughter chooses whether or not she moves away to college.

Right now, I am impatient and there are some serious considerations I have to make in our future, because that safety net could go away.

Right now, I am wishing I had listened to a wise family member who told me I should enjoy the time that I have in the freedom that I have-- because it is fleeting.

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