Sunday, February 18, 2007

repost of ideas on God

Normally, I am viewed as pretty conservative, in my general views of life. But, usually, thats because I keep my thoughts to my self, and on any given day, I can see both sides of a view, and rather than coming off ambiguous or indecisive or even flaky, I just smile and nod.
Nothing makes me feel more "connected", than getting out and doing something constructive. That often leads into contemplation, and then, thats when the trouble starts. Now hopefully, I haven't lost any of you yet...
I was cutting grass today, feeling the warmth of the sun, the breeze blowing on my skin, and it was blissful. A moment of peace and contentment. And I began thinking about something I sometimes do.
What if "God" and all these fights over "Him" is just because of our misunderstanding in what our creator is, or how we came to be?
What if "God" is actually energy flow? Not energy as we define it, because we are limited by our human abilities to comprehend beyond our meager existence and egomania?
I mean, stop and think for a minute before you get emotional about this.
Everything on this planet and beyond has some sort of energy, chemical makeup, atoms that have electrons that are animate. Even inanimate objects, like rocks, are worn down over time to provide minerals and salts and materials which can be in turn used for animate, living things somehow. We are always somehow connected in our surroundings. The continuity of our connections and how we effect our surroundings does not stop once we are no longer in the same surroundings. Our negative energy impacts the world around us... people around us, as does our positive energy.
Our souls are our internal energy that connects us with the people, places and things around us, and even things we can't really fathom. Our hearts and our brains are regulated by chemical and electrical firings, which is energy. We must have food that provides energy to live, and energy can be harnessed to make our lives more comfortable, and when we expend energy to contemplating our connection to the world through prayer or internal examination, or doing nice things for others, or connecting on a friendship or sexual level with another person, it makes us in turn feel more complete because we have tapped into that energy we need to feel alive.
I think that "God" is how we translate that universal and ethereal energy within ourselves, or how our brains or our "souls" can interpret the Universal truth. I really, truly think that a Universal language is "math" or what we call math. So many things can be explained, predicted, and understood through the breakdown of variables. What if math is our missing link to creation's truth? Why does science and "God" have to be against one another? What if it is just a different definition of the same formula?
Now by no means am I a math or science whiz, these are just things I think about and wonder.
I never understood either debate of Big Bang vs Creation Theory nor Evolution vs Divine Creation. To me they were the same things.
We, as humans, can create things that have existed only in our thoughts. If thought is a harnessing of an energy not yet defined in a way people can agree upon, why then could there not be a divine energy that brought forth the earth we live on? (I guess this thought process is harder to explain than I had hoped). What if Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, Moses, and all other spiritual leaders just knew some of these things, an inherent knowledge of things we do not understand, and used them to guide us to internal peace and the peace of humanity? Enlightened Christians know that Christ died not because he was "God's son" but because he was feared by the people who were controlling those who followed the rules of their religion or their leaders. Organized religion sometimes limit us to our abilities to see others, and their views. People who take a work of literature that has been written and rewritten and cut and reworded to suit the philosophies of the faith they are following are truly missing out. Because the Bible, I believe, is a guidebook to allow you to interpret things. It's writings were passed on for generations and word of mouth. The bairds of the ancient world adding flourishes here and there to hold the attention of their listeners, their followers. And when it was written it was written in Sumerian, Latin, Greek, German and then English. Do you know there are hundreds if not thousands of words in those older ancient languages that do not translate to English? How then could you think of taking it for face value, rather than a guide book to finding yourself and how you fit into the world, and possibly the universe?
As a teen, (before the evolution theory began being dismantled by new scientific discoveries) I got that the creation theory and the evolution theory could go hand in hand. I looked at is as a way an artist begins with a blank form. He has an idea of what he wants, but he's not really sure how to get there, so he starts working. Before the final result is EVER unveiled, the clay may take on several shapes or forms, or it may turn out as something different than the original intention but nonetheless, a work of art, so the artist saves it and begins a new work, maybe as a series.
The problem is, we can all look at a work of art or literature, or a person, and we all have varying opinions and thoughts. But most of us, because we want to be the most significant, and feel the most superior and important, close ourselves off to other ideas. We are too unenlightened and settled in our own ways, too egomaniacal, to listen and pick out the valid points that the other person may see.
How you express your spirituality or your belief is how your brain and your life translates the Universal energy and knowledge. That can apply to every single person on this planet I think, but that's just me in my philosophical moment.
My dad and I had a discussion about this once, and he is a very hard headed, closed minded person, the thing that shocked me the most was after it was all over he said "Have you ever thought about ministry?" This from a man who hates organized religion. I told him no,
1. because I am catholic, and my thoughts might be too radical and there's no way I think I could be a nun, plus I'm married.
2. because I think everyone is entitled to feel how they do about their spirituality,and I am not the person to guide anyone, it is their journey. If they feel that this is it, their time here is just what they have and nothing more, then that is for them to solidify.
3. (I didn't tell him this) I am too depraved and too human
But I was flattered. I don't really look at it as anything other than thought. I don't look to lead other people. These are just my feelings, because I have the ability to stand back and be objective, because I don't have an easy time getting emotionally involved in anything or anyone, that makes it easier to observe and see all sides.
I had so many funny things I wanted to blog about today, but this one took the forefront.
So, great grass cutting thought process huh?

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